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Takeprofit Tech adds Gate.io, GCEX and others to Liquidity Hub

Fintech software developer Takeprofit Tech has onboarded Gate.io, MFP Trading, Velocity Trade and GCEX to its liquidity hub solution network.

Takeprofit Tech

Takeprofit has been providing forex brokers and liquidity providers with software for nearly a decade. Their multiple solutions process $200 billion monthly. On the crypto front, the hub already supports five major exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, OkCoin, Kraken, Alpaca.

The new additions have deployed Takeprofit as an additional distribution channel, making its multi-asset liquidity available to even more users worldwide. The combined effort will leverage Takeprofit infrastructure and matching capabilities to expand the companies’ institutional client base.

More specifically, this collaboration enables Takeprofit users to benefit from a reduced latency and improved pricing into MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4 servers and execute orders at the best available prices from liquidity providers a broker chooses. The solution now works with over 50 liquidity providers and allows stock and crypto exchanges, prime and PoP brokers and banks to control liquidity streams, aggregation logic, and risk management.

“Liquidity aggregation can be an incredibly complex business challenge with having to poise between providing the best short-term and long-term offers for clients. A wider range of liquidity options delivers greater risk management control and allows brokers to provide traders with better spreads,” the company said.

Takeprofit alleviates crypto liquidity concerns

The addition of these crypto-focused platforms into the Takeprofit’s ecosystem will also bring extra liquidity and access to the firm’s offering that covers a range of different asset classes, strengthening their proposition within the brokerage community.

Takeprofit Liquidity Hub provides liquidity aggregation and distribution from FIX and non-FIX liquidity providers. They can connect their users to any stock or crypto exchange, bank, prime broker or other liquidity aggregator.

Valerie Styazhkova, Head of the company’s Cyprus office comments: “We are glad that brokers can benefit from collaboration with new liquidity providers, enhancing their client offering. And we are going to connect up to more of them this year”.

Given the crowded pipeline of crypto investors, as well as the emerging appetite from asset managers, there is a pressing need to create liquidity pools and B2B solutions for the trading of cryptos. Further, one of the main obstacles for CFD brokers in properly entering the crypto realm is obtaining a precise source of price feeds, which is even more challenging considering that various exchanges are constantly offering major discrepancies in real-time quotes.

Takeprofit aims to alleviate these concerns for brokerages and enable them to function seamlessly, in a similar manner to traditional assets. And as the virtual asset class couldn’t escape the liquidity conundrum, Takeprofit was built to connect over 151 clients worldwide to offer access to global liquidity.

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